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American Girls About Town

American Girls About Town

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Smart, sassy and sharp enough to cut themselves
In this breathtaking collection of brilliant, brand-new stories, some of America's best-known women writers have joined forces with up-and-coming new stars to raise money for a very good cause.
A backpacking adventure in Vietnam veers wildly off-course for one intrepid American traveller. A single mother sets herself a bizarre personal challenge as her fortieth birthday looms. A female commitment-phobe must find a cure for her fatal two-month ich -- and fast!
All this and much, much more in a delectable collection of stories which proves -- if proof were needed -- that no one can deliver a devastating one-liner quite like an Amerian girl.
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  • Simon & Schuster UK | 
  • 448 pages | 
  • ISBN 9780743461061 | 
  • September 2004
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Chapter One: A Day in the Life of My Great Brit Book Tour [plus a fabulous chocolate cake recipe]

Adriana Trigiani

I should have known that when a certain airline, which will go nameless (clue: one that carries the name of a Madonna pop hit), promises a bassinette for an overseas flight, they guarantee not a bassinette but a shoe box lined in the finest felt from the finest bottom of some poor soul's finest shoe; we were in Big Trouble. When my husband Jim put our daughter Esme into the bassinette, it was like watching a park ranger attempt to stuff a squirrel into a matchbox. The baby howled and wailed so loudly, she... see more

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