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The Collected Poems

The Collected Poems

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The definitive anthology of Reynolds Price's accomplishments in poetry over four decades, The Collected Poems opens with a preface that discusses his beginnings, guides, and methods; it then includes his first three collections in their entirety -- Vital Provisions, The Laws of Ice, and The Use of Fire -- and adds a new volume, The Unaccountable Worth of the World, eighty-five more recent poems that offer striking departures as they continue to embody Price's close attention to the exterior and the interior worlds of a lengthening and unexpectedly complex life.
The Collected Poems reveals, throughout, the accumulated variety of Reynolds Price's years as a poet -- the thematic breadth, formal steadiness, narrative vitality, and intense lyricism that have marked his work from the start. It is a landmark in a creative life that now includes more than thirty books -- poems, novels, plays, essays, translations -- and in the span of contemporary American verse.
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  • April 1999
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Chapter 1


There seems no question the house is mine.

I'm told it first at the start of the tour --

"This is yours, understand. Meant for you.

Permanent." I nod gratitude,

Containing the flower of joy in my mouth --

I knew it would come if I waited, in time.

It's now all round me
-- and I catalog blessings

Tangible as babies: the floors wide teak

Boards perfectly joined, the walls dove plaster.

At either end a single picture,

Neither a copy -- Piero's Nativity

With angel glee-club, Vermeer's pregnant... see more


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