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Count on Yourself

Count on Yourself

Take Charge of Your Money

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From award-winning financial journalist Alison Griffiths—an empowering, motivating guide that demystifies personal finance and helps you take control of your money.

Do you toss your investment and banking statements in a box, unopened? Does the word “investment” make you frown? Are you afraid to look at your money during a recession? Are you worried that you’ll have to retire to the back seat of your car?

Alison Griffiths gives you easy, prescriptive advice on how to take charge of your money. Learn where to put your money so that it stays safe through market fluctuations. Figure out how bank and investment fees work, and decide for yourself if you’re getting enough value for your money.

Alison Griffiths is hugely insightful, frank, yet empathetic. If you’re going to take any financial advice, you should take it from her...
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  • Touchstone | 
  • 272 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781439189313 | 
  • January 2012
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Count On


Take Charge of Your Money

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