Do It Now! Crafts

Cool Art Projects & Tasty Snacks

Do It Now! Crafts

For Ages: 6 - 12
Boredom is not an option with this engaging collection of more than 70 entertaining craft projects and ideas.

Hey, rainy days happen. And when they do, Make Fun Stuff! comes to the rescue of parents everywhere, providing them with more than 70 awesome crafting projects (like making a pop-up 3-D card) and delicious, clever recipes (like cooking up taffy from scratch). Best of all, the activities are shown in vivid, colorful, and cheeky step-by-step art with short instructions that make completing them a snap—and a blast!
     Culled from the creative minds of two zany moms who still remember what it’s like to be a kid, Make Fun Stuff! is the perfect answer to summertime boredom. In its cheerful and colorful pages, you’ll find DIY activities that range from old favorites (marbelize paper, anyone?) to quirky and stylish crafts (such as making a messenger bag out of comic books) to low-tech adventures (like rigging up simple speakers out of used cereal boxes).
  • Weldon Owen | 
  • 80 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781616283902 | 
  • May 2012


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