Half-Past Dawn

A Thriller

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Jack Keeler wakes up one bright June morning to the shock of his life: a half-healed gash over his right eye, a hastily stitched together bullet wound in his shoulder, an intricate tattoo in a foreign script covering the length of his forearm, and a front-page headline that reads NEW YORK CITY DISTRICT ATTORNEY JACK KEELER DEAD.

He has until dawn to piece together what happened and to find his missing wife Mia, an FBI agent. The ensuing race is a twisting, turning, adrenaline-charged hyperspeed adventure that uncovers an ancient people lost to legend, an assassin who will stop at nothing to avenge his death sentence, a diary whose contents foretell the future, and a curious mystery hidden deep inside the country’s most dangerous prison.
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  • Pocket Books | 
  • 464 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781439183984 | 
  • July 2012
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Richard Doetsch on HALF-PAST DAWN

Richard Doetsch discusses HALF-PAST DAWN, a race through the borders of life and death, insanity and reason, and dreams and reality.

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FRIDAY, 6:00 A.M.

HALF-PAST DAWN, THE WORLD slowly came to life. The sun crept along the freshly cut grass, over the scattered toys on the back lawn, and through the rear windows of the modest colonial house, the country kitchen filling with morning light as it danced over cream tiles and a wide-plank oak floor.

A tall man walked into the kitchen, his black hair mussed and astray, his lean, muscular body wrapped in a blue robe. His face was strong and intelligent, but carried a certain toughness, while his dark brown eyes had the appearance of seeing far more years than the thirty-nine he had lived.

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