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Leveraging the Universe

Leveraging the Universe

7 Steps to Engaging Life's Magic

n his latest book, bestselling author Mike Dooley builds on the principles from Infinite Possibilities and Manifesting Change to offer a step-by-step strategy for leveraging the Universe in the course of self-fulfillment and success. In just a seven steps, Dooley teaches you how to channel the Universe’s incredible energy to achieve your greatest dreams.

Filled with practical strategies and simple exercises that anyone can do, Leveraging the Universe lays out the path to engaging the magic that is available to everyone. Dooley weaves his inspiring personal history throughout the book to demonstrate firsthand how properly applying the Universe’s power has brought success and fulfillment to his own life. Simply follow Dooley’s seven steps to an amazing life:
  • Understand Your Relationship to the Universe and the Magic. As shared in Manifesting Change, not understanding the nature of your reality is the number one reason people actually “fail.”
  • Starting Where You Are. No matter where you are today, there are brand new things to do tomorrow—even if you don’t know yet know what you are going to do when you grow up.
  • Taking Action and Delegating. Know what you can, should, and must do, versus what you mustn’t ever do.
  • Using the Fulcrums of Your Thoughts, Words, and Deeds. How to use your thoughts, words, and actions to get the most from life, by doing the least.
  • Aligning Your Beliefs With Your Dreams. No need to figure out what your invisible limiting beliefs are, they are invisible after all! Instead, know what you want them to be.
  • Beginning It. How to get all your ducks lined up, even the ones you didn’t know you had.
  • Adjusting your sails. There’s never been anything wrong with you, though your approach may need some tweaking.
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  • Atria Books/Beyond Words | 
  • 224 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781582703145 | 
  • October 2011
List Price $25.99


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Mike Dooley
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Mike Dooley

Mike Dooley is an international tax accountant turned entrepreneur turned writer for "the Universe." His Notes from the Universe™ emails go out to more than 370,000 subscribers, and have since spun off into books, calendars, greeting cards, and world tours. As the bestselling author of Infinite Possibilities and Manifesting Change, with works translated into twenty-five languages, and a featured teacher in The Secret book and DVD, Dooley is actively using the concepts and principles he expounds upon to travel the world, speaking on life, dreams, and happiness. For more on Mike and to sign up for free, daily Notes from the Universe visit!




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