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The Memory Quilt

The Memory Quilt

A Christmas Story for Our Times

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The Memory Quilt

Bishop Jakes weaves inspirational life lessons into this tender and touching tale, a thoughtful reflection on our actions throughout the giving season and all year-round.

Is there room in your heart?

Lela Edwards wants nothing more than to spend the holidays with her family. But her husband of fifty years passed away recently, her daughters live far from their old Chicago neighborhood, and her granddaughter, Darcie, is avoiding her grandmother for fear Lela will judge her decision to get a divorce. Irritated and lonely, Lela concentrates on the lessons of the Virgin Mary with her Bible study group and begins to piece together an unfinished quilt she set aside long ago.

The cold winter brings some unexpected rough patches for Lela and her loved ones. The closer she examines the Scriptures, the more she realizes how quick she is to find fault with the people around her. Lela soon discovers she has woven the Virgin Mary’s lessons into the handiwork of the quilt, a reminder that by following the guidance of the cherished story we revisit every December to celebrate the meaning of Christ, she can learn from her mistakes and find favor with God.

Readers everywhere will find an uplifting message of hope in this heart-warming story.
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  • Atria Books | 
  • 240 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781439170472 | 
  • November 2009
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A Christmas Story from Bishop T. D. Jakes

A perfect Christmas for Lela would include her husband, her daughters, and her favorite granddaughter. But life doesn't always go the way we want.

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Reading Group Guide

Bible Study Guide for The Memory Quilt by T. D. Jakes Suggestions for Using The Memory Quilt The Memory Quilt can serve as a useful guide to direct and inspire your personal Bible reading and reflection. The book may also be used in a variety of group contexts, including:
  • Mid-week Prayer Service or Bible Study: During the Christmas season, use The Memory Quilt as a closing or opening activity during mid-week prayer service or Bible study.
  • Women’s Missions Society: Use The Memory Quilt to begin the meeting and set the tone for your Christmas season missions study. After opening the session, the leader or a member of the group should read aloud an excerpt from one chapter that touched her and study that chapter as a group. If you want to engage in a longer study of The Memory Quilt, plan a special Christmas gathering to study the entire book at a relaxed social holiday meeting.
  • Private or Church-related Prayer Group: Use The Memory Quilt as a focal point at your meetings leading up to Christmas.
  • Sunday School: Combine The Memory Quilt with a close-ended Bible study. Choose a Bible passage from The Memory Quilt as the focal point of study, and discuss elements of the story in that chapter of The Memory Quilt that help to expound on that passage.
  • Evangelism and Outreach: Use The Memory Quilt as an evan
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