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Michael Vey

The Prisoner of Cell 25
(Part of Michael Vey)
By Richard Paul Evans, Fred Berman

Reading Group Guide

    Discussion Questions for

    Michael Vey: The Prisoner of Cell 25

    By Richard Paul Evans

    1. Based on the book cover and the book title, what do you think this book will be about?

    2. What do you think is so special about Michael Vey?

    3. Who do you think the prisoner is going to be?

    4. Based on the prologue, how do you think the book will end?

    5. Do you think Michael is capable of abusing his special powers? Why? Explain

    6. Realistically, other than moving, what other alternatives does Michael have to keep his powers a secret?

    7. Do you think Michael can trust Taylor? Why? Explain

    8. Why do you think the evil man called his co-hort Zeus?

    9. Why do you think the evil gang took Michael’s mom and Taylor?

    10. What has happened to Taylor at the beginning of Chapter 18?

    11. What is Nichelle’s role in the book? Why does the author have someone like Nichelle in the book?

    12. What does Michael have that reminds him of his mom and brings back memories that are painful to remember?

    13. If you had a special power, what would that power be? How would you use it? Do you think you would be tempted to use it for the wrong reasons?

    14. Michael is bullied by some bigger boys. If a friend confided in you that he was being bullied, what would you advise him to do?

    15. What do you think motivates someone to bully someone else? Do you think fear might be part of it? Why do you think the boys bullied Michael?

    16. Michael and his mom have a very close relationship. She’s very protective of him, but in what ways is Michael protective of her? How do you think Michael feels about all the things his mother has to do keep him safe?

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