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More Than Meets the Eye

More Than Meets the Eye

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Do we truly know who and what lives among us? What if a chance sexual encounter left you dead? In More Than Meets The Eye, they are among us, and some have evil intentions.

Belinda Wilson awakens one morning to find her body covered in scratches and bruises, with dried blood clinging to her skin, and knows that what is happening to her is more than just tricks of the mind. As the truth begins to unfold, Belinda discovers a centuries-old, untold secret living amongst the mortals in New York City. There is a community of demons, incubus, and succubus that may eventually destroy all mortals. Not only do they exist, but one of her best friends is one of them. Life gets even more complicated when Belinda learns that not all demons are what they appear to be. Some of them live a dual existence, intent on survival, yet striving to coexist, without harming human life. But, there are others that have evil intentions and are looking to populate the world with even more of their kind, enslaving humans in a sexual twist of need and desire that leaves mortals painfully ill and often dead. Can anyone stop them?
  • Strebor Books | 
  • 320 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781439182673 | 
  • June 2011
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The nightmares started soon after accepting a writing assignment with Newsweek. What started as some eagerly accepted freelance work seemed to be leading her down a path toward ultimate destruction. After years of battling the worst insomnia, sleep had become her enemy. She knew better than anyone what could happen when you slept. That’s why she sat now in Starbucks at 8:45 p.m., downing her last of several cups of coffee before they closed. For the past several weeks she had devised artful ways of avoiding what she initially thought was some sort of stalker, angered by the story she was... see more


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