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Mystic Cool

Mystic Cool

A proven approach to transcend stress, achieve optimal brain function, and maximize your creative intelligence.

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You possess the most remarkable system in all of biology, the human brain. You have the power to direct it with the most complex set of processes in the universe, the mind. When you use this creative power consciously, you not only actualize the power to excel in whatever you do, you can direct your experience in ways that make life fulfilling and meaningful.

As wonderful as this might sound, for many the journey may be anything but. Every major survey shows that the majority of us are plagued by stress and anxiety, which is toxic to the brain. The new science is clear: transcend stress, regain higher brain function, and the mind lights up with creative intelligence. Mystic Cool shows us how to calmly turn our backs on stress and walk in the direction of the brilliant life we were born to live.
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  • Atria Books/Beyond Words | 
  • 240 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781439102541 | 
  • April 2009
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Author Revealed

Don Joseph Goewey
Q. how did you come to write Mystic Cool?


I wrote Mystic Cool to bring neuroscience, psychology and a practical spirituality together in a proven approach to realizing the ordinary genius our brain is intended to generate. The approach involves a fundamental shift in attitude. There is no greater gain in brain function than the attitudinal shift from fear to peace. This is not an opinion; it is neuroscience. Biologically, stress is psychological fear; peace is neurological power. A dynamically peaceful attitude lights up the brain with a fearless intelligence that is immune to stess. The result is a joyful creativity that not only excels, but excels in ways that make work and life intrinsically rewarding.

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