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New Worlds, New Civilizations

New Worlds, New Civilizations

(Part of Star Trek )
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  • Pocket Books/Star Trek | 
  • 192 pages | 
  • ISBN 9780743455923 | 
  • November 1999
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Chapter One: VULCAN (Tempered by the Forge)

It's hot...

Hotter than any place that supports life has a right to be.

Standing at the cracked red foot of Mount Seleya, wrapped in the finest thermo-lytic garments the twenty-fourth century has to offer, I still sweat so profusely that the moisture clouds my vision. I'm barely able to discern the outline of the mountain through my stinging eyes. Intellectually, I know the suit is minimizing my body's need to perspire, keeping me from drying up like a pressed flower.

Emotionally, it's of little comfort.

Here I am on one of the least habitable M class planets... see more


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Michael Jan Friedman
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Michael Jan Friedman

Michael Jan Friedman is the author of nearly sixty books of fiction and nonfiction, more than half of which bear the name Star Trek or some variation thereof. Ten of his titles have appeared on the New York Times bestseller list. He has also written for network and cable television, radio, and comic books, the Star Trek: Voyager® episode “Resistance” prominent among his credits. On those rare occasions when he visits the real world, Friedman lives on Long Island with his wife and two sons.




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