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The Roaring 2000s

The Roaring 2000s

Building The Wealth And Lifestyle You Desire In The Greatest Boom In History

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How and where we work and live is about to change drastically. In The Roaring 2000s, Harry S. Dent, Jr., one of the world's most prescient forecasters, turns his visionary eye to the full spectrum of possibilities that will follow in the wake of a burgeoning turn-of-the-century economy. Dent identifies opportunities, explores trends, and makes concrete predictions. Among them are:
A Dow that will reach at least 21,500 and possibly 35,000 by the year 2008
The rise of "gazelles," small- to medium-sized, high-growth companies that are now creating most of the jobs in the country
The Eight Critical Technology Trends Changing How We Live and Work
The New American Dream -- why changing technologies could mean a return to small-town living, and the nine types of boomtowns that will offer the highest quality of life
The New Network Corporation, which features leadership at the center rather than management from the top, and human browser teams that represent customers by connecting them directly to servers or specialized products and experts. These organizations are fast, responsive and entrepreneurial
The Seven Principles of Successful Investing
For anyone who wants to take advantage of these invaluable, emerging opportunities. The Roaring 2000s is a necessary guidebook to a not-so-distant future.
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  • Free Press | 
  • 320 pages | 
  • ISBN 9780684853109 | 
  • October 1999
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Introduction: The Secret to Building Wealth...and Lifestyle

It is common wisdom today that the key to building wealth is taking risks. People who take higher risks get the higher returns and wealth. There are risk/return graphs in investment and business that prove this. Most of us by now have heard that stocks have higher risk and volatility but higher returns over time than investments like bonds. New entrepreneurial ventures have higher risk and failure rates than established businesses and tend to create greater fortunes. And this is definitely true. But here is the paradox I have learned through many years of hands-on business... see more


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