In the spirit of come five sensual novellas about the excitement -- and danger -- of meeting someone online.
Welcome to, where men can meet the women of their dreams. Making a selection is just a beginning -- these ladies are more than mere images, and getting to know them is the really fun part. But just like most things, looks can be deceiving. And while the guys who take this plunge think they're in for the adventure of a lifetime, some of them are headed for the worst nightmare. Gathering five dramatically different voices between two covers, these stories travel the tantalizing crossroads between romance and cyberspace.
As today's world of dating expands beyond the traditional dinner-and-movie to the vast realm of Internet, this collection offers a timely and exciting glimpses into the adventures of cyber-relationships.
  • "You Are Making Me Wet" by Earl Sewell
  • "Life Happens" by Rique Johnson
  • "The Wanting" by Michael Presley
  • "Somewhere Between Love and Sarcasm" by V. Anthony Rivers
  • "Legal Days, Lonely Nights" by William Fredrick Cooper
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  • Strebor Books | 
  • 400 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781416561828 | 
  • June 2007
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Legal Days, Lonely Nights

by William Fredrick Cooper

Chapter One

When Kyle entered the office of Stephen Cohen, principal partner of the firm Cohen, Schindler and Brody, he spied a gangly figure pacing the plush carpet, staring down on Manhattan through the window. Cohen was seated on an adjacent sofa, along with a bald man whose eyes sagged at the corners.

"I'm sure we can have this resolved by the time the season starts," he heard his boss finish.

Rising from his seat as he turned his attention to Kyle, Cohen gestured toward the pacing figure. One who needed no introduction. "Kyle, I want you to meet... see more


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About the Authors

Earl Sewell

Earl Sewell attended Columbia College in Chicago where he studied screen and fiction writing. Earl’s YA novels in his Keysha and Friends series have made him a librarian and teen fan favorite. He currently resides in South Holland, Illinois.


William Fredrick Cooper

William Fredrick Cooper is the author of Six Days in January and There’s Always a Reason.


Michael Pressley

Michael Presley is the author of Blackfunk, Blackfunk II: No regrets/No Apologies and Tears on a Sunday Afternoon.


Rique Johnson

Rique Johnson is the author of Love & Justice, Whispers from a Troubled Heart, Every Woman's Man and A Dangerous Return.


V. Anthony Rivers

V. Anthony Rivers is the author of Daughter by Spirit, Everybody Got Issues, and My Life Is All I Have. He is a contributor to Zane's Love Is Never Painless.




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