Total Integrated Marketing

Total Integrated Marketing

Breaking the Bounds of the Function

A groundbreaking guide to increasing sales and profits by reestablishing the primacy of marketing, from three leading experts.

Why are some companies able to focus on the important points, while others fight internal battles, obsess over trivia, and let opportunities pass them by? According to Hulbert, Capon, and Piercy, when companies succeed it is often because every single person in every department -- from Sales to Human Resources to Finance -- has one paramount goal: to win and keep customers. Many of today's companies, however, have not heeded this crucial message. When they falter, it is often due to the fact that different departments report to different executives: then short-term goals like sales drive out the long-term necessity of marketing. Despite lip service to the contrary, the marketing departments of most companies often fail to reach their most important customers. Drawing on their combined experience of three-quarters of a century advising corporations, Hulbert, Capon, and Piercy argue that marketing must be dragged out of the marketing department. Indeed, it must become the top priority of the CEO, who automatically sets the tone for the entire company.

The solution, the authors demonstrate, is to integrate the marketing imperative into every function of a corporation: finance, operations, sales, R&D, customer service, and human resources. This total marketing strategy has proven hugely successful for companies such as Intel, Canadian Pacific Hotels, Safeway, and Toyota.

Total Integrated Marketing provides an essential framework for designing and managing change so that companies can outperform their rivals. Containing a wealth of marketing tips and innovations easily adapted to any business, this is essential reading for all managers concerned about the future of their companies.
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  • 368 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781439167274 | 
  • March 2009
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Chapter One: Why Total Integrated Marketing?

Marketing has lost its way! In country after country, senior executives have become obsessed with making their companies more customer-focused, market-focused, outward-oriented, or some permutation of those qualities -- often to no avail. Companies cannot win in today's competitive markets by delegating marketing problems to a department. Success in the new marketplace demands integration of the firm's entire set of capabilities into a seamless system with the goal of exemplary customer satisfaction. In an era of total competition, commitment to customers must also be total -- hence, the title... see more


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