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Zolar's Encyclopedia and Dictionary of Dreams

Zolar's Encyclopedia and Dictionary of Dreams

Fully Revised and Updated for the 21st Century

The completely revised and updated edition of the classic, best-selling guide to dream interpretation
In the first major revision of the encyclopedia that has sold half a million copies worldwide, Zolar, the acclaimed "Dean of Astrology" (The New Yorker), has created the indispensable bedside reference for today's dreamers, reflecting the changes that have affected our waking hours and inevitably influence the content and significance of the messages we receive while we sleep. Looking at new cultural trends, work and social patterns, technologies and means of communication, Zolar reveals the meanings of dreams about cell phones, computers, cyberspace, beepers and much more. His concise and incisive explanations of such classic dreams as meeting a redheaded stranger, flying without wings and trying to comfort a crying baby are here as well, while obsolete subjects -- like girdles, gleaners and grenadiers -- have been eliminated. To complement each dream category a lucky number has been added for this new edition.
With interpretations for more than 20,000 dreams, Zolar's Encyclopedia and Dictionary of Dreams offers you the opportunity to uncover the secrets hidden in your dreams and to act on the wisdom -- or respond to the warnings -- they contain.
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  • Touchstone | 
  • 480 pages | 
  • ISBN 9780743222631 | 
  • June 2004
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Introduction: Dreams!

Is there anyone reading this who hasn't had them? Do you remember the very first dream you ever had? I don't! But I do remember dreaming as a very young child. Much like Chuang Tze, early on I became aware of the fact that there was a part of me that apparently lived not in one, but in two worlds. Still later on I came to understand that not only could I move between one and the other, but that I could actually live between the two, as well.

In time I came to realize that existing in such a state was not a blessing at all, but rather a kind of curse that accompanied special people, whom Colin... see more


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Zolar is the author of Zolar’s Encyclopedia of Ancient and Forbidden Knowledge; Zolar’s Book of Dreams, Numbers and Lucky Days; Zolar’s Encyclopedia and Dictionary of Dreams; Zolar’s Starmates; and Zolar’s It’s All in the Stars. For more than half a century, the name Zolar has been synonymous with some of the finest books on astrology, dreams, and the occult ever written.




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